What are our delivery methods available when ordering?

We offer two delivery methods:

  1. Standard Delivery, which is a classic delivery to your home.
  2. Insured delivery Loss and Theft, which ensures a full refund of your order in case of delivery problem such as loss or theft.

Can I track my package?

   Yes, all our packages have a tracking number. It will be sent by email as soon as it is available. 

Common questions:

- Can I change my delivery address?

   You have 24 hours after placing an order to give us your new address. To reach us please go to the tab -> "Contact us!"

- If I'm not at home how is it going?

   If you are not at home, no problem, the package goes into a mailbox. The postman will simply have to drag it inside.


** Due to high demand the packaging may have to change.